A widow in Ranquitte

Haiti Nov 2013 - Ranquitte (11)

Our most recent expansion of the microfinance program was to a rural village nestled in the mountainous hills of Haiti, 2 hours south of CapHaitian. Ranquitte is the hub for many even more rural areas that are only accessible by foot. Madame Jetah (second row wearing white skirt and purple blouse) has lived in this area all of her life and is now in her early 50’s with 5 children. She was widowed a few years ago, which made a difficult life almost impossible. She has also been helping to care for 5 of her nieces and nephews since her sister died. She was chosen as one of the original recipients due to her extreme need. Each week she travels the 2 hours to CapHaitian sitting in the back of a pick-up truck. After arriving, she purchases gasoline in gallon containers, which she transports back to Ranquitte while riding in the bed of the pickup truck over extremely rocky, rutted roads. The gasoline is poured into smaller, quart size containers that she resells to villagers as fuel for their motorcycles or generators. She hopes to grow her business so that she can add a second trip each week and sell even more gasoline.