You Tube video

Helping Haiti Work promotional video
A promotional video has been posted at the following link on youtube. The audio portion of the video was taped during our last trip in March. A group of women were practicing for an upcoming church service and beckoned us in to listen. The acoustics were amazing as they were sitting in a small alcove between buildings with the sound revibrating off the cement walls and ceilings.

Reserve your ticket to “Girl Rising” at AMC

Helping Haiti Work is partnering with the 10×10 foundation to sponsor a screening of “Girl Rising” at AMC Arbor Lakes Maple Grove Theatre on Thursday, May 9 at 7:30pm. Girl Rising is not only a film but also a global movement. It puts the spotlight on┬áthe power of education to change a girl and to transform the world. Girl Rising is more than people we may never see or places we may never visit. It’s about supporting girls to have the opportunities they deserve. It’s about localizing the issue of getting girls into school.

We have already sold more than half of the tickets out of the 100 that are needed to confirm the movie. Please consider purchasing a ticket below. Your credit card will only be charged if the movie sells 100 tickets. One of the students in the film is from Haiti. Meryl Streep and Selma Hayak are 2 of the narrators.