Earthquake/Tropical Storm Relief

Loading the medical supplies

While our operations on the north side of the island, near Cap Haitian, were not affected by the recent earthquake on the Haitian peninsula or Tropical Storm Grace, many of our partners have contributed to the relief efforts while also benefitting area businesses by purchasing donated supplies in Cap Haitian. Second Mile Haiti is working with Mission Flight International to get needed supplies to the hardest hit areas. Helping Haiti Work made a donation of $1000 to Second Mile for the purchase of medical supplies. Following our donation we received a thank you from Jenn Schenk, the co-founder of Second Mild.

“Thank you for your donation. On Sunday, I bought tarps and tents for around $1000. I was a bit worried because we hadn’t raised those funds yet but then your donation came in! I couldn’t believe the timing. Thank you.”

If you choose to donate to the Haitian relief efforts, please find an agency that has been operating in Haiti for many years and will be resourcing as much as possible from Haitian businesses. Second Mile Haiti and Partners in Health are two organizations that we have worked with and fully support.