Haitian Sewing Program starting to produce results

The first large order for 150 diapers was successfully filled by our seamstresses in Limbe using materials that had been purchased and pre-cut in Minnesota. We are still trying to resource flannel from within Haiti, which would simplify the process. The women were very excited to receive reimbursement for their efforts. The diapers were purchased by Hands Up for Haiti, and they in turn will distribute them to families in their clinics. IMG_2798Construction of the reusable menstrual pads is on-going and currently being marketed by a midwife at Mama Baby Haiti. As part of our goal to increase education, the seamstresses in Limbe recently provided both written and oral information regarding menstruation and hygiene to a local group of 12 and 13 year old girls. Reusable menstrual pad kits were given to the girls and they will provide follow up in 6 months.


You can help us to purchase more fabric for this program as well as funding our traditional microfinance loans by attending our upcoming concert on March 12th, featuring the fabulous band Morpheus. Morpheus Benefit Concert buttonClick on the picture at right that is found on our homepage in order to purchase tickets.