Here in Haiti

Here in Haiti

New loans in Limbe

ByByLeslee JaegerAug 24, 20141 min read

12 New loans were granted in Limbe last week. The women were pleasently surprised as the last set of 10 loans was just in May and we were not expecting to be able to fund another group until later this…

Menstrual Pad Awareness event at Messiah United Methodist Church

ByByLeslee JaegerAug 24, 20141 min read

Over 70 women attended our first menstrual pad awareness event held on July 15th at Messiah UMC in Plymouth.  The first part of the evening was spent hearing about the need for reusable feminine hygiene in the developing world, how the lack of…

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

ByByKarenJun 29, 20141 min read

Join us at the upcoming event– Please click here for more details and to RSVP!

New Loans in Limbe and Ranquitte

ByByLeslee JaegerMay 28, 20141 min read

Due to the generosity of our donors during the Mother’s Day Fundraiser, we were able to start 10 new loans in both Limbe and Ranquitte. Group of 10 women in Limbe Due to the start of…

Menstrual pads are on their way to Haiti!

ByByLeslee JaegerMay 20, 20141 min read

Future Haitian taxi The 4 sewing machines and 50 kits of reusable menstrual pads were packed in the trucks and headed down to Miami. From there, the trucks will be loaded onto a barge and make…

HHW Pads Project featured in Sun Sailor Newspaper

ByByKarenMay 15, 20141 min read

Read the Sun Sailor newspaper interview with Leslee Jaeger about HHW’s new Pads Project!

Happy Mother’s Day to the Unknown Moms

ByByLeslee JaegerMay 9, 20144 min read

by Leslee Jaeger Open Leslee’s blog There are 2 mothers in this world who will go unrecognized on Sunday. One lives in Korea and one in China. They gave birth to my 13 and 15 year old daughters and have not seen…

Give a HHW Greeting Card!

ByByKarenApr 29, 20141 min read

Honor loved ones on Mother’s Day, a birthday, or any occasion with a Helping Haiti Work greeting card! A card with your donation of $5 or more can be mailed to you or directly to your honoree– Please make your donation and email Karen using…

The Last Taboo!

ByByKarenApr 21, 20141 min read

By helping supply sanitary napkins to girls and women in the developing world, you can make a real difference– Girls can attend school more regularly, women have fewer infections, and sewing reusable pads is a sustainable women’s business possibility for our…