November Haiti trip

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThank you to those of you who contributed during our Give to the Max Day fundraiser. While we were not as successful financially this year as we had been the previous year, we were able to increase the awareness of our organization.

While we were in Haiti last week we were able to meet with many of the microfinance recipients. These 135 women continue to have a 100% payback rate and are eager for larger loans and loans for their friends and relatives. It was difficult to explain to them that we do not have an unending supply of money to distribute and if we increase the size of the current loans ($200), it will mean less loans available in the future. American seems like the land of never ending funds when you see mission groups arrive at the airport daily and spend money hiring translators and eating in restaurants.

One women wanted to impress on us the ongoing benefits of the loan program. While she is able to use the profits from her business to send her children to school, the unemployment rate when children graduate from high school is still very high. Alcoholism and petty crime is increasingly more of an issue in rural villages as young men have no jobs and ample spare time.   Other young adults travel to surrounding islands for employment, where they are often treated poorly and are far from family support. The hope of these mothers is that more loans will create more local business opportunities  and allow  children to stay home after they finish school, working with their parents.

Many aid organizations in Haiti have worked diligently to build schools, making an education possible for children. Helping Haiti Work is taking the next step in Ranquitte and Limbe to help to create job opportunities for families. Consider a donation that will help us to fund more loans.