Spreading the word


This past week the seamstresses from both sewing centers, Limbe and Ranquitte, met in Cap Haitian to learn sewing machine repair, new sewing techniques, education about menstrual hygiene/health and human rights. Ellen Schreder and Abbie Fliegel, both from MN, organized this workshop so that the women could not only learn new skills but also to teach them that the need for reusable menstrual pad kits was larger than their small sewing program. Each woman has been asked to teach 2 other Haitian women what she has learned, so that we can spread basic health information more rapidly and in a way that will reach both literate and illiterate women. Some of these women have never had the chance to travel outside of their small villages. An even greater journey awaits two of the seamstresses at the end of the month when they travel to Leogone on the Haitian peninsula to pass on the education to occupational therapy students and nurses.