Helping community health workers in Tanzania


Our website has generated interest from other groups that are working with women from developing countries to help them help themselves. We were recently contacted by Empower Tanzania, an NGO that works to improve the health of communities in rural Tanzania. They support a group of 35 community health workers that work in 21 villages and with 15,000 people each month, providing education in public health. The women in rural Tanzania share many of the same problems as women in Haiti – lack of availability of feminine hygiene products. 35 feminine hygiene kits, constructed by our Minnesota seamstresses, were shipped to Tanzania – one kit for each community health worker. The kits were also used as part of a video production that discusses personal hygiene. If the menstrual pad kits are acceptable to the rural woman, plans on being made to construct a similar sewing program as Helping Haiti Work, whereby women in the Gender Based Violence program construct the pads and distribute them via the community health workers.

Keep visiting our site for more information on this project as well as updates on new loans in Haiti. Via social media, we are touching more lives than just those women involved with Helping Haiti Work. unnamed[5]