Thank you for responding to our Call for Help


When I returned from Haiti in April, I asked for your help in cutting materials for diapers and menstrual pads that we could package into kits to ship to Haiti to be  sewn by the Haitian women. Four groups took up my call to action and have cut 9 bolts of fabric that we will be sending to Haiti next week. This amounts to 50 diaper kits and 25 menstrual pad kits for each Haitian sewer. These same 4 groups donated more than $500 to the cause, which will help to offset the cost of materials and shipping.  We hope to send more supplies at the end of the summer, so more volunteers are welcome.

The group above consisted of volunteers who are connected by their work in different roles of Labor and Delivery units thruout the metro area. They are acutely aware of the need for feminine hygiene both during adolescence and after childbearing. We had a wonderful evening comparing stories of childbirth “then and now”.

NPR is highlighting the work of organizations abroad who are addressing the problem of the lack of feminine hygiene products and the impact that it has on the ability of a girl to continue her education. This recent audio story from NPR is similar to my previous post about Menstruation – The last taboo.  Raising awareness is the first step. The second step is providing women in Haiti and elsewhere with a product that they can use. Please consider scheduling your own cutting party to help us raise funds and provide more diaper/menstrual pad kits.