The Butcher in Limbe

P1030728During one of my first meetings with the microfinance women, I noticed that one of the women kept looking at her watch. This may not seem unusual, but in Haiti “time” is a relative term and most people do not wear a watch.  She was often getting out of her chair and peering down the street. For what, I wasn’t sure. Ten minutes before the meeting was to end, her cell phone rang and she abruptly left. I was soon to find out why she was so worried about the clock!  After the meeting, we were led on a tour of the local market where some of the women sell their goods. A small crown was gathered around one particular stand. As we got closer, we saw the woman who had been in such a hurry. She had been waiting for her delivery of frozen chicken pieces and hot dogs to resell in the market. Most Haitian homes do not have a refrigerator, so getting the partially frozen meat sold and out of the hot sun was a priority.  Her business has been profitable and she is planning on selling meat at other markets in the area.