We are Farmers!

Due to the unstable political climate in Haiti over the past 2 years, we have had to put our microloan program on hold as it is very dangerous for our microloan recipients to carry cash when they repay their loans and even more dangerous for an organizer to carry large amounts of cash for a loan distribution. The Haitian people are still in desperate need of help so we have found another avenue to help them help themselves. Due to the generosity of Ellen Schroder and Gymps Sunel, land has been purchased and Haitians employed to build walls around the property as well as drill a well for irrigation. Seeds for vegetables are sitting in cold storage waiting for the next planting season this fall. Once the wall has been constructed, the land will be divided into plots and Haitians invited to apply for a site. We are working with a Haitian agronomist who will provide farming lessons to our participants. 80% of the farmers will be women, in keeping with our mission to empower and uplift the women of Haiti. We have created a separate fundraising page so that all proceeds raised for this effort will go directly to the farming initiative. Click on link below to see more pictures as well as donate.