We are reaching out!


Helping Haiti Work has expanded to include male volunteers!  As our sewing centers have seen more business in the past few months, men tailors have become interested in what we are trying to accomplish. Although the majority of household duties in Haiti are performed by women, the majority of tailors are men. You will often see them sewing on a treadle machine on their front porch as other men gather around playing cards. We are hopeful that this interest from men will translate to increased awareness about the need for feminine hygiene supplies for their wives, sisters and daughters.

Twenty-five of our kits were recently sent to the Philippines with a medical mission team from Milwaukee. Since this mission team worked in an urban setting, we were not sure what women would think of reusable products over disposable products that they can obtain locally. Our bigger worry should have been how to get the product to the intended recipients!  When the nurses were shown the kits, they wanted to keep them for themselves, rather than helping to distribute them to young girls.


Finally, we are reaching out to others who may not have heard of our work by hosting a concert on March 12th, featuring the band Morpheus, playing great rock and roll from the 60’s and 70’s. Join us for a great time and invite others. You can purchase tickets by clicking on the picture of Morpheus on the right side of this page..